As of 2020, we only ship to limited Australian domestic address:

    1. We ship to most of Australian addresses as long as the size and weight falls into Auspost's requirement.
    2. We do not ship to a few remote islands and areas where even post office offers limited services.
    3. For some bulky of heavy items, more areas are exclucded because simply there are no delivery services, or the delivery cost is far too high for buyer.

Shipping companies:

We ship through major industrial players, such as Auspost, Sendle, Couriers Please, Fastway (now Aramex), Allied Express, etc.

Shipping Methods

Small items are probably shipped by regular mails by Auspost.
Regular parcels will be shipped by Auspost or any other channels.
Bulky or heavy items will be shipped by a pallet.

Handling Time

Our handling time is 1 business day, or 24 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays
Tracking may be uploaded out of this time frame

Shipping Cutoff Time

Currently our shipping cutoff time is 7am -  all orders made prior to 7am will be shipped the same day, again, we only work on weekdays and closed for weekends, and public holidays.

Gift Wrapping

Sorry, we do not provide gift wrapping, or any greeting card attached to the package. Actually due to the nature of only sales, most of the products are packed in a way to reduce weight or volume of the package. 

Tax invoice

As a company policy, we do not attach any tax invoice, or any other document related to the order in the package, except the user manual, or instructions, delivery note, or whatever related to product usage or assembly.

Sender on the shipping label

The sender on the shipping label must show our company name and address, as this is required by shipping companies. 
Resellers who use our drop shipping service must take this into consideration. However, our sales account name on other sales channels are different from our website name.

Free Shipping:

We do not offer Free Shipping to all postcodes. While the free shipping prices are calculated based on estimated shipping fees for all items, we may charge additional fees for some postcodes that are too expensive to ship to.
Please visit here to check if your postcode is excluded from the free shipping areas.
Where items are marked as "free shipping" on product page. "free shipping" will show up as a shipping method on the checkout page along with other non-free shipping methods. When buyer chooses free shipping for the order, we will ship your order based on our best choices.
If an order has 2 or more items, and some are with free-shipping prices, "free shipping" will not be offerred as a shipping method. Instead the whole order, including free-shipping item(s) will be calculated for shipping charge. In such situation, highly suggest to exclude the free-shipping items, and make them into a fresh order to save shipping costs.

Express Shipping

You can check out with express post whenever the option is available. However, we do not limit express shipping to Auspost. Instead, we may use courier companies if the delivery timeframe meets the requirement.
Please note that Express Post by Auspost does not always mean "guaaranteed next business day" delivery, it is faster than regular post, but will be severely affected by many factors, and those exceptions may not be anounced on Auspost website.

Shipping to Remote Areas

We will try to use Auspost for shipping to remote areas. However, sometimes courier companies may be used for remote areas unless you send us email requsting us not to ship by non-post services.

Please understand that Auspost can't take bulky or heavy items to remote areas. Though our website shipping module is tuned to exclude such exceptional cases, but it can't be 100% accurate. in case an order was addressed to a remote area, and later it turns out that the shpping is not possible, we will have to cancel the order.

Shipping Restrictions

We try our best to identify different parcels which may not be carried by certain shipping companies. For example, some items that are not allowed to be shipped via Auspost, and therefore we can't accept Po Box, or parcel locker. Whenever these happen and our website did not succesfully stop those orders, we will then contact you to explain what'd going on.

Wrong Address

All shipping addresses will be checked multiple times before we print the label. Those checks combine manual check by human eyes, or shipping company's automatic address search and match function. In case the shipping address is wrong, we will usually contact customer right after we process the orders and before we ship the items. However when we find the wrong address only when we are packing the items, we will contact you very late.

For all orders that are returned with wrong address, customer is responsible for the wasted shipping costs. If an item is a free-shipping item. A reasonable shipping fee based on Auspost website calculation will be calculated.

Delivery Time

Our customer feedbacks across different channels over the past years show that we are very fast in shipping and most customers are very happy with the delivery speed. Some even got surprised by our fast deliveries.

There are a few factors that contribute to our fast delivery:
1. We use streamlined shipping system which is developed in-house to quickly eliminate any bottle neck in the order processing system.
2. Our short handling time to speed up the dispatch of your order
3. Our direct relationships with major shipping companies ensure that our shipments will be picked up and handled on time
4. We work closely with our shipping suppliers to quickly address any issue to ensure their handing of our shipments are streamlined too.

Reference Delivery timeframe after order is dispatched (We are talking business days only)
NSW metro areas: 1-2 days
NSW regional: 2-4 days
NSW remote: 4-7 days
ACT area: 2-6 days
Metro areas of VIC, SA, QLD: 4-7 days
Metro areas of TAS, NT, WA: 7-14 days
Remote areas of countries: 10-14 days

Note, this is for refernece only. You need to add handling time.
You can always find an estimated delivery time frame on by using our location as the sender's address.

Tracking Numbers

When you make the order, you are asked to leave email address and phone number. Whenever order is shipped we will upload tracking number (if there is any) to our system, and you will automatically receive the "Your order has been shipped" email with shipment details. Those emails may be sent to your spam folder if not in the inbox.

Again, we will also upload your email address and mobile number to shipping companies, and they will send you tracking update and delivery notice when it is close to delivery. Some shipping comapanies may send SMS message too.

Signature Required and Safe Drop

As most of the shipments are low value and small parcels, we usually mark those parcels as "safe drop", and so they will be put at some safe place by the driver. If you check the tracking number and find the parcel has been marked as "delivered", but you are unware of it, it could just be a "safe drop" issue. In such case, just check your front door or nearby areas for the parcel.

For higher value parcels we will automatically apply "signature required" on the shipping label, and driver will ask for signature on arrival. If you'd like to have it safe dropped instead of signature on delivery, please contact shipping company directly after obtaining the tracking number.


Please understand that we offer money back guarantee, so if there is any issue with delivery, we may have you covered. You can check our "Dody Money Back Guarantee" section for more details.

Where is my order?

Please check your email for the shipment information and if there is a tracking number, track it on the shipping company's website

The tracking number shows up with nothing

Please understand that we scan all labels before sending them out. Therefore, the risk of your order not being shipped is low.
There are a few reasons:
1. Item has not been picked up by shipping companies
2. Item has been picked up, but there is some delay in data processing.
3. Item has been picked up for a few days, but shipping comapanies did not scan it on the depot.
4. Item is lost in transit.
Please contact us if you are suspicious on the tracking information.

There is no update on tracking since a few days ago
A few reasons:
1. item is in transit from one depot to another, and the trasportation time may last for a few days, therefor there is no update.
2. Item missed the scanning
3. Item has been transferred to a local agent and hence all following update will be upoaded when it is delivered.
4. Item is lost in transit

Item shows "Delivered" but I am not aware of it

This happened a lot and this is the main cause of customer complaints.

There are a few causes:
1. Item was safely dropped at front door, or nearby places without knocking you door - I know this is unacceptable, but the fact is that most drivers are now facing huge tasks to deliver hundreds of parcels each day as more and more customers are buying online, therefore, they may not know your door even they know someone is home.

2. The order was just accidently marked as delivered and this happened quite often especially when order is close to delivery during the period when drivers are preparing to deliver your order. I'd suggest you wait for a few more days and check closely the tracking status.

3. The parcel was delivered to wrong address. The most possible wrong delivery wad made to your nieghbour's property, so it is always good to check your neighbours first before contact shipping companies.


1. Find the tracking number and track it online.
2. If there is any issues, please refer to the above "delivery issues" section to check for some possible causes.
3. If you think it is urgent to address the issue, follow below standard procedures:

    a. contact the shipping company first
        a.1 It is always better for direct customer to contact shipping company direclty to address the issue, as this will be always addressed faster than our request as a sender. Further, if the delivery issue is related to shipping address, you as the receiver is at a better position to respond to any address issues.
        a.2 Most shipping companies provide online tracking and online submission for any complaint. If not then you may have to contact them by phone.
        a.3 You can let us know the progress while making contact with the shipping company.
        a.4 Usually shipping company will respond to your request within 24-48 hours

    b. Contact us in the second place
         b.1 please it is always better to use email to contact us
         b.2 provide as much detailed information as possible, i.e. order number, delivery address, product name, qty, trcking number, etc.
         b.3 We usually respond within a few hours (business days)

4. If an item appears lost in transit, please contact shipping company to request investigation as we seller can't ship it and claim it is lost. Then an investigation will start and usually it takes a few business days to conclude. We will then offer replacement or refund if the item is deemed lost. Remember you are covered by our money guarantee policy for lost items.