We provide easy drop shipping service for resellers.


1. Resellers register account on our website
2. Resellers check out orders with customer's delivery details
3. We send the products to your customers directly from our warehouse
4. We do not send any document along with the package
5. All emails with order confirmation, payment information, shipping information will be sent to your email address (as registered under your customer account)
6. You contact us regarding any order issues, and we reply to your concerns only
7. You contact your own customers for any order issues

What we offer:

1. Streamlined ordering process
2. Quick order and checkout process
3. Quick response to all order issues

What we don't do:

1. We do not contact your customer direclty
2. We do not update you with the stock level as it is dynamic
3. We address issues with you, not with your customer - please do not attach customer's email, but summerize the claims into a few point. ie. item broken, need replacement, item not arrived, etc, to improve communication speed.

A few concerns you may have:

1. You can use our product photos as long as you remain to be a reseller for our products
2. Product updates (title, specs, description etc)will not be automatically sent to you, therefore, you may have to visit our page at interval.
3. We do not send any document in the package to your customer.
4. Yes, there will be our company name on the shipping label as the sender.
5. For some items we will put a return address label, but without our company name.
6. There are no special discount for resellers, or a special discount price after login as reseller.
7. All shipping returns will be sent back to our warehouse as return address on the shipping label is our address.
8. You can arrange customer returns to our warehouse address and we will inform you when return arrives within 24 hours