We sell the products because we use them, we know them and we share them with our customers.

Who We Are


Dody Group was founded in 2012 during the rise of e-commerce in Australia. Initially, we operated a group of entities in both Australia and overseas. However, our current focus is solely on the domestic market.
Operating an online business presents a distinct contrast to running traditional brick-and-mortar shops. Consequently, we have devised a range of strategies tailored to ensure our success in the market.


Dody Not Dodgy - Integrity and transparency are principles we wholeheartedly embrace.
Go Pure Online - We abandon the conventional ways of doing business.
Buyer Perspectives - We present products from the user's point of view.
Efficiency is Life - We simplify and streamline all the processes.



Our mission is to source reliable products locally or overseas which are not likely to be produced in Australia at attractive prices, and offer values for local customers.


For most of the products, we assemble, test, use and then share them with our customers. Therefore, we try our best to portrait the item in terms of specs, photos and description from the user's perspective, which, in many cases, are different from the product default specs because they are offered by the supplier from the manufacturer's perspective.


While we strive to provide 100% quality or user experience,  we do provide 100% satisfaction by offering Dody Money Back Guarantee which covers almost all the concerns for online shoppers.


All the products are stocked at Sydney warehouse and all the orders are shipped from Ingleburn NSW in 1 business day. We process all orders, emails and phone calls during 9am - 3pm weekdays only, closed on weekends and public holidays. By working directly with Australia's major shipping companies, most of our customers are surprised by our delivery speed.