Which Caster is for me?

How to choose the right caster wheels?

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Factors to Consider when Buying Caster Wheels

1. Weight Capacity:

    a) What is the total weight of the load?

    b) How many casters you will install?

    c) Required weight capacity per caster = Total Weight / Number of Casters

    d) Always choose higher capacity casters than required. Say, if the required weight capacity is 200KG, it is suggested to choose casters that has capacity over 200KG, or even 300KG

2. Types

There are 3 types available:

    a) Fixed without swivel, or simply referred as fixed type

    b) Swivel without brake, or without lock, or simply referred as Swivel Only type

    c) Swivel with brake, or with lock, or simply referred as Lockable Caster

3. Overall Height and Sizes

    a) Do not mix the caster size with the overall height. As a standard industrial practice, most of the casters are categorized by the wheel sizes, say 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, etc.

    b) Note: the actual size of the wheel may vary even they are in the same size category. For example, the casters under the same 4inch (4 inch x 2.544cm = 101.6mm) category may have only 95mm in diameter, while others many have 105mm in diameter.

    c) The overall height of the caster is larger than the wheel size.

       i. Usually all the casters under the same size category for the same product range have the same specs in terms of wheel or caster dimension.

       ii. For example, under the product range: Metal Casters, all 4 inch casters (fixed, swivel only, or lockable ones) share the same wheel size, wheel width, overall height, plate size and weight capacity.

    d) Size factors

       i. The larger the wheel, the taller the casters, and vice versa.

       ii. However, wheel size may also affect the ability to overcome the drag power, and the flexibility to maneuver your load especially when the load is heavy.

    e) Turning radius

       i. This applies to casters with swivel function only

       ii. If the caster comes with a lock or brake, it may need more space for turning depending on the locking design.

4. Mounting Method

    a) There are two types available: plate or bolt

    b) Please carefully consider the plate or bolt size before purchasing

    c) Also, those plate comes with holes for bolts and they have size limit and the position is fixed.

    d) You can of course solder the metal plate or bolt to the trolley or bench.

    e) For the plate mounting method, it requires the center of the weight falls on to the center of the plate.

5. Other Factors to consider

    a) Wheel Surface:

       i. Smooth and Round Surface: Only for flat ground, smaller contact area with the ground and less drag.

       ii. Smooth and Flat Surface: Only for flat ground. Larger contact area with the ground, more support and more drag.

       iii. Ribbed Tread Surface / Tyre Like Surface, with all the teeth on the wheel it is suitable for both flat or rough ground.

       iv. Wheel surface is important when the floor or ground need protection.

    b) Shock Absorbing

       i. Shock absorbing is achieved by 2 ways: one is by designing a spring loaded frame to reduce the vibration, and the other is to use soft wheels, including stuffed rubber wheels or inflatable wheels.

       ii. Currently we carry only the later version - the soft wheels.

       iii. Please note that the wheel absorbs more shock if the load is heavier, but it also increases drag, and increases the risk of the wheel been scratched by the frame.

       iv. All our casters which have hard wheels do not absorb the vibration.

    c) Maintenance

       i. Grease point for the swivel parts - Our casters come with or without grease point - the nipple. If it is missing, you will have to grease from the small gap.

       ii. Wheels get stuck - Due to the adverse working environment, the wheels always catch debris or hair-like rubbish into the gap between the wheel and frame, and over time, they cant spin as fast as they can.

       iii. Therefore, we have a special type of casters, which have covers on both sides of the wheels to reduce the chance of catching debris.

       iv. For regular maintenance of the wheels, you are required to use spanner to unscrew the nut for the wheel axis and remove the wheel from the frame, thoroughly clean it and apply grease before putting it back.

       v. Apparently soldered wheel cant give you this convenience.


Why Buy Casters From US?

1. Please refer to below information for general shopping policies:

2. In addition, our caster wheels all have very attractive prices and maintain high qualities.

    a) Prices are low because they are all manufactured overseas by some major factories and we import directly from factories.

    b) By selling directly from factories to the end users online, we make big savings on the logistics and shopfront costs, and we can pass these savings to consumers.

    c) Quality concerns: those casters are not in supurb quality but good enough for regular purposes. We have sold them for over 5 years, and we received no complaints.

    d) Unlike other sellers or dealers, we use intensively those casters by ourselves, and we are confident to introduce to our customers.

    e) Hassle free returns and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


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